Joint managing director Gregor is an award winning content producer who has crossed genres and formats throughout his career. Having started in live TV working on innovative Channel Four programming (The Word and The Big Breakfast), Gregor moved through the BBC Entertainment & Documentaries departments, producing and directing a range of series. He founded his first independent production company in 1999 with the epic documentary Goin’ Down to South Park followed by commissions from Channel Four (UK) and Comedy Central (US). Gregor has since produced and directed live events, factual documentaries, and entertainment, comedy, and drama series for leading broadcasters. Alongside his TV and award winning radio productions, Gregor was a founder of the ‘how to’ website, conceptualising and creating hundreds of mini-films. In 2015, Gregor produced the feature film Kill Your Friends, starring Nicholas Hoult, Craig Roberts, Georgia King, Tom Riley et al. Gregor is a founding partner of Unigram Media Ltd.