Vince Holden

Vince Holden has 20 years of experience in financing independent feature films and TV. He began his career in film as a Finance Director for a major film media banking group. In 1998 he joined Company Television & Company Films as Head of Finance. In September 2000 he was appointed Head of Finance for the UK Film Council, where he championed a team of seven industry professionals, responsible for all financial aspects of the Council’s projects – distribution, development investments, export and sales strategy for the government’s 1200-strong library of British films.

With many years’ experience negotiating and closing film and TV finance transactions, collecting revenues on equity investments and debt financing deals in excess of £800m, Vince joined Icon Entertainment in April 2011 as Finance Director.  In February of 2012 he set up AI Film to invest in, and produce feature films on behalf of Icon’s principal shareholder, closing three major deals in the company’s first year of operation.  He continues to manage and run the AI Film Group of companies and its financial interests.

Aviv Giladi

Aviv Giladi is a media and entertainment entrepreneur, who funded Israel’s most prominent media conglomerate – RGE. His company holds numerous broadcasting channels, which include: Sport5, Channel8, Channel6 & LoggyTV; and represent some of Israel’s top stars.
Aviv began his career in 1979, operating as a script editor in CCC Studios – Berlin. A year later he returned to Israel and formed his own company, which specialised in stage productions and talent management. In 1990, during the outbreak of commercial television in Israel, he funded Sport5 and The Children’s Channel – both became the strongest niche channels in the country.
In 1996, IDB Banking Group acquired half of Giladi’s business – forming RGE Group. In 2008, Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries joined the RGE group.
In 2011, Aviv was appointed CEO of Icon UK and committed to refocus the company’s interest on film production and film financing. He launched AI Film as the company’s new production arm.